Hello, world!

This blog was created for English as a Foreign/Second Language teachers. It will feature short activities based on snippets of TV Series in English. The snippets and the hand-outs will be downloadable so that teachers can use them offline.

The blog was created by English Teaching Undergraduates from the Federal University of Ceará, Brazil, as part of the course English Teaching Material Design. Each undergraduate will create two short activities based on a snippet of a TV Series of their own interest. The activities will be aimed at various age and proficiency levels, as well as in skill practiced (listening, reading, writing, speaking, vocabulary, pronunciation, etc.).

The blog was highly inspired by the successful blog Movie Segments to Assess Grammar goals, managed and written by Brazilian EFL teacher and blogger Cláudio Azevedo.

The first activities will be published in January 2016.


4 thoughts on “Hello, world!

  1. Gladys Baya

    Great project, Ronaldo! Thanks a million for helping EFL teachers all over the world integrate this kind of material into our lessons. I do hope you can keep it going!


  2. Leo

    Good job, Ronaldo! Greetings from Porto Alegre!
    Ps. I’d suggest using series for conversation classes as well…
    Show a scene and work some discussing on it…similar to the warm-ups follow-ups from Claudio.


  3. Ronaldo Post author

    Thanks, Gladys! I’m glad to be able to create something helpful for teachers. My undergrads are conducting the project, so let’s hope more and more students get involved in it!



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