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Friends (1994-2004)

Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Joey and Phoebe form a group of six friends struggling to excel and progress in competitive Manhattan life. Their intelligent humor and unconditional mutual support make their friendship stronger and stronger, thus overcoming all the obstacles that life presents to them.

Creators: David Crane and Marta Kauffman



Level: Intermediate

Age: Teens / Adults

The segment was extracted from an episode of Friends when Monica asks her friends what they would do if they were omnipotent for a day.

Video Segment Download

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Suggested procedures:

Before you watch: have students do task 1 in pairs and then check their answers.

While watching: Get students to answer the two questions. After that,  play the video again to check answers.

After watching: Ask students to answer questions 4, 5 and 6, guiding them where needed. Question 7 should be done in pairs followed by a whole-class discussion.

Time : 25 minutes



The Good Place

The Good Place (2016- Present)

The series follows a woman who realizes she has not been a good person. She decides to turn the page and learn what it really means to be “good” or “bad,” while trying to mend the mistakes of the past.

Creator: Michael Schur


Level: Beginner
Age: Teens/ Adults

The segment was extracted from an episode of The Good Place. The woman died and she goes to “The Good Place”. She asks about where’s that place that she lives and the difference between “good” and “bad”. The snippet is a good way of learning and/or practicing wh- questions.

Video Segment Download


Suggested procedures:

Before watching: Ask students if they know the TV Series. Have them match the questions to the answers. Optionally, you could ask them to imagine what questions someone would first ask if they woke up in a sort of heaven.

While watching: Play the video segment once for students to do the acitivity, and once again for them to chek.

After watching: if necessary, give students an explanation about wh- words. Then get them to do task 3. You can suggest a role-play activity after they finish creating the questions.

Time: 20 minutes.